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Sunday, May 19th: Jane Finger and Irene Wegner, Flower Communion (please bring a single flower to service!)

This historic UU story of courage for liberty and brotherhood celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community, all through the story of Reverend Norbert Capek and this group's passion and continuing influence on Universalist Unitarian congregations around the world. 

Please bring a flower (just one!) to the Fellowship service on Sunday 

Irene and husband Pete have lived in many parts of the South, settling in Fairhope 12 years ago. A former teacher, religious education director & social service administrator, Irene was an organizer and lobbyist for AARP. Irene’s husband Pete brought this program, popular in UU churches from Carmel, Ind. 

Jane grew up a Methodist who moved toward agnosticism. She was happy to join our liberal UU community when moving to Fairhope in 2001. She adds: “It’s appropriate that I should participate in the Flower Communion program, because some of my most spiritual moments are those I spend in my flower garden early in the morning.”


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