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Our Children's Fellowship is open from 10:30am- 12:30pm each Sunday during programs. We welcome children of all ages to our Children's Fellowship Program! 

Click here to register your child for our Children's Fellowship Program

For more information, contact our Children's Fellowship Coordinator, Allyson Russell at


Thank you for wanting to be involved with the FUF Children's Fellowship. To start off, I want to explain the roles we have so you can see what you might like to do:


Lead Facilitator - leads the class on Sundays. Sits with the children in the front of the fellowship hall and brings them back to the children's room after the Story for All Ages. When you sign up for a date, I will give you everything you need for that session including the lesson, background, directions for a craft, whatever you need. We will discuss the lesson ahead of time in case you have questions! The crafts will be easy! 


Support Facilitator - another adult in the room to help answer questions, help kids with crafts, be there if the lead teacher needs to leave. Can sit in front during the first part of the service or follow them out from wherever you're seated.


Story for All Ages - reads a short (<5 minutes) story of some kind. You can bring a story or I can provide one. The story should be directed at the children for the most part and told with the mic on the floor, not standing at the lectern. If you can find a story that relates to our main speaker, that's great but not necessary; it should however relate to one of the UU principles somehow!


Here is how we do class right now:

We gather in the room. Everyone sits and takes a look around at who is here today.

We take a deep belly breath together and exhale slowly. 

We select a reading from the basket (green) or read the poster out loud.

If we have an element symbol we place it in the chalice.

Light the chalice!

Share joys and sorrows.


On to the class:

Pass out journals (these are on the cabinet in the corner) and encourage the children to write or draw in them as we talk.

Review last week's class. 

Introduce this week's class and follow lesson plan


At 11:55 begin picking up the craft or activity.

Finish up anything they want to finish in journals, let them pick out one of the special stickers in the drawer, then gather the journals and return them to the cabinet.

Select a closing thought (blue) from the basket or read from the poster.

Extinguish chalice.

Thank them for their attention and company!

Go get coffee and a snack!


Mandated Reporter Training is required for all Children's Fellowship volunteers

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