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The Fellowship regularly hosts concerts and we encourage members and the public to join us in the beautiful Fellowship Hall. For more information about upcoming concerts, please contact us at 

Andrew Finn Magill and Alan Murray:
Celtic and Irish music at FUF

Wednesday, January 25 @ 6pm


Andrew Finn Magill, multigenre violinist from Asheville,

North Carolina, and Alan Murray, Scottish guitarist and

bouzouki player present a concert at FUF.


Tickets are $10 each, in advance or at the door

Children 12 years and under come for free.


Advance tickets are available by contacting Jeanine DrJazz

Normand or Carla Couret, Fellowship Administrator. This concert

is a fundraiser for FUF. Please consider buying tickets even if you

can’t attend. Tickets would make a good gift.


Andrew Finn Magill, fiddler, is a North Carolina Arts Council 

Fellow and has been featured on MTV, TEDx, PBS, and NPR.

Alan Murray is one of the most-sought after accompanists on

the Irish scene, touring the world with the foremost names in

the biz: LúnasaThe Four WindsThe Battlefield Band, and more.

Together, they form one of the most exciting duos in contemporary

Irish and Celtic music.


They have performed together at many prestigious Irish festivals and performing arts series including Celtic BayouArts Under the Dome, and the Arizona Highland Celtic Festival. In 2020, they released their debut album Murray & Magill.


See also:


To listen to some their music, here is a five-minute teaser of the album "Murray & Magill"


Andrew and Alan’s new album "Murray & Magill" on Bandcamp:


Andrew and Alan’s single, "The Yellow Wattle," on Spotify:

Artist Bios:

Andrew Finn Magill is a Fulbright fellow, a North Carolina Arts Council fellow, and award-winning composer. He has been featured on MTV, TEDx, Avianca in-flight entertainment and multiple times on NPR's The Thistle & Shamrock. His 2016 album Roots (featuring Cillian Vallely of Lúnasa and John Doyle) debuted at number #46 on the folk DJ charts. Since then, he has toured internationally, headlining several Irish festivals. In 2020, the album "Murray & Magill"  with singer and guitar & bouzouki-player Alan Murray.


Alan Murray is from Glasgow, Scotland, now living in the USA. He plays guitar and bouzouki, and he is one of the most in-demand accompanists in Irish music, touring extensively across Ireland, Britain, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

He has performed at Denmark’s Tønder FestivalMilwaukee Irish Fest and Celtic Connections. He has shared the stage with such artists as Karan CaseyNiall and Cillian VallelyEileen Ivers and Scotland’s Battlefield Band.

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