Alysandria Embergale - Trans-etiquette 101

When do I ask about pronouns? What if I forget and use the wrong name? Can I ask about surgery? How do I know which bathroom they should use?

For those of us who are just learning to act as allies of the many people who fall under the transgender umbrella, conversation can feel like navigating around landmines without a map. That’s why we are here to provide you with a lighthearted but educational look at some of the most common Trans-etiquette pitfalls and the simple solutions to supporting the transgender members of your community with kindness and ease.

Alysandria Embergale is a software engineer by day, a game designer by night, and an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community all of the time. In addition to serving as a Member of the MobPride Board of Directors, the Records Officer of the Prism United Board of Directors, and the Volunteer Coordinator for Rainbow Mobile, Embergale recently saw great success working with LODA Artwalk to organize Trans-lucent, a night of transgender visibility, celebration, and education, and the first such event officially supported by the City of Mobile.

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