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Kristin Cossairt - Why The Pink Tax Is Bad For Business

In the salon industry, as in many service industries, gendered pricing structures are the norm, and most assume that changing that would come at a cost to profits. But this is incorrect. The so-called “pink tax” is bad for employees, for clients and for businesses. Genderless pricing–which not only equalizes imbalanced costs for consumers, but also creates a safe space for people of all genders–can be implemented without loss of profits and can ultimately benefit employees, clients and the bottom line.

Kristin Cossairt is a salon manager and stylist who has been working in creative fields for 15 years. For 9 of those years, she has been providing for the locals community’s hair needs at Hair-do Salon in Daphne, AL. She has been managing the salon and education program for the past five years of her salon career.


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