Rian Hamby - Fatherhood Beyond the Greeting Card

Rian Hamby has never been a fan of Father’s Day. His own father left him few positive memories. But after Rian met and fell in love with Kerri, the woman who would become his wife, he found himself learning about fatherhood from a whole new vantage point.

Rian Hamby left home and struck out on his own at the age of sixteen. He worked construction, went into the army where he served as a medic. He attended school at UNC Chapel Hill, La UNAM in Mexico City, and University of Belgrano in Bueno Aires. After a year of working in New Zealand, he attended grad school in Portland, Oregon. He was recruited into the Portland Police where he served as a Street Crimes Investigator, Crisis Intervention Officer, Information Officer, and various instructor positions.

After retiring, he moved to Fairhope. Now, after a year away, living in Sayulita, Mexico with wife Kerri and daughter Reina, they, along with their two dogs, three horses, and four hermit crabs–are here to stay.

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