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February 4th: Restorative Justice: Nancy Fontenot

The talk will be a brief introduction to the concept of Restorative Justice through

modeling the Circle process. Restorative Justice (RJ), an alternative to the conventional

concept of justice, is based on acknowledgement and accompaniment. RJ amplifies

building a more just world. RJ foregrounds goodness, love, justice, and solidarity as an

everyday way of being. With roots in Indigenous societies worldwide, RJ principles and

practices foster community-building by allowing people to connect to each other's

humanity through speaking and listening (with an emphasis on listening) to each other

through storytelling. At the heart of Restorative practices is the Circle, an engaged

encounter, centered around our desire to be in right relationship with one another.

Nancy Fontenot, of Fairhope, Alabama, is a Restorative Justice practitioner. After a 30-year career as a high school English teacher, she completed a M.A. in Ethics & Society with a focus on Restorative Justice & Catholic Social Teaching (Fordham '23). Nancy is also a graduate of Louisiana State University and Yale University.

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