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April 21st : Randal Wright: A Library Needs All The Friends It Can Get

What does it mean to be a Friend of the Fairhope Library? It means we speak in support of our library and its indispensable place in our community, the staff who work there and the thousands of people who depend on our library. It means we enhance our library by raising money for programming, equipment, and activities beyond what the city budget allows. It means that we accept the challenge in spearheading a major campaign such as the Love Our Library capital campaign that raised over a million dollars for the library's upstairs renovation. It means we safeguard our library's future by advocating for our library with our City Council members. It has been our mission for over 60 years. This presentation will share our role in maintaining and protecting the amazing vital presence of our Fairhope Public Library.

Randal Wright is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Fairhope Public Library. Having

spent 38 years as the wife of an Army helicopter pilot, 28 years as a public school teacher, 43 years as the mother of 2 incredible daughters, and 64 years as the daughter of Arvah and Becky Lou, Randal Hopkins Wright was thrilled to call Fairhope, Alabama her permanent home in 2012.


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